i am still alive

June 23, 2008

i am still alive.. just that i have no time to update.

I have lots of pictures to post but i am am having exams

And after exams i am flying straight back home..

ahhh i cant wait..

till then look out for updates in early july!


being worried and helpless

May 27, 2008

whats worse than worrying? having to worried over distance and being helpless about it! It sucks being thousands of km away from home. Phone and internet doesnt do much, i cant assert my ‘power’ over the phone or net, its not ‘threatening’ enough..

thats why i need to be physically home..

5 more weeks..and till then, i hope, my emails and phone calls will have to do the job..

the switch to milk chocolate..

May 25, 2008

Last year i adored dark chocolate, this year i am not a big fan of it anymore. It leaves this metallic taste in my mouth. Maybe its the wrong brand but Lindt chocolates are suppose to be good.. Now i absolutely love milk chocolate. Is this a seasonal change or does it reflect something? haha!

Well the past week has been good. Complete lots of work, ate lots good food and walked/hiked alot..

The banquet we have been waiting for at WASAI.. craving for a good meal of Jap food and this was the best in town..

these were just the few stuff we had.. ahh i am missing them already

Next..Whisk again, i vowed to try every cake there and i am back there again..

As usual i was busy taking pics of the food i eat.. And the collage was done up by Rachel! haha

And then it was time to burnt out all the calories.. well it was not on purpose i thought the hike was the most 2km but in all it was 8km..but amazingly i managed to do it and my legs are all goood! (i think my good pair of timberlands helped alot)

Yesh i was not very happy that it was 3km away still!.. the first sign was 4.4km i think..

waterbreak at a log!!..and many thanks to mao who helped me so much w my bag while i helped her sweater..lol

almost there 800m to go..but it was very steep and it took forever!


At the top!!! wahhaa….

And we have to walked back down.. the walk down was worse cos i had to break all the time to prevent myself from rolling down.. haha but the views we got were fantastic too..

And us back at the foot at the little waterfall..

So i guess i did lose the extra calories gained..but then i think i am putting in back now cos i have a dozen of krispy kremes waiting for me.. hahaha!..

I want to go home now!

May 17, 2008

You know what they say about winter..makes people depress and vulnerable. I am feeling it. It doesnt help that it has been raining (and hailing too).

Just kind of tired of leaving alone overseas for now. I know that when i leave this place for good, i will miss it. But being alone consecutive for months, away from family, away frm the boi, away from ur closest friends really sucks. When the road gets tough here, you just face it alone. Don’t have mummy’s soup, daddy’s crappy jokes, a hug frm the boy, a shopping trip with the best frens that will always make you laugh..

I am not facing any tough road or what.. its just that i miss singapore, i miss my family, my boi and my frens. I want to see them, poke them instead of just dreaming of them.. I need the physical presence..

ya i know i just have go through it.. its my 3rd year here and i am going back in july..but haiz..this moment. for now.. how?

understand ma?

too much food

May 15, 2008

ok winter is bad..cos you just cannot resist have yummy food! Not that i am complaining but i should manage it in moderation. Especially when i am stress i cannot use food as a resolution. haha!

its the end of week 9 here! 4 more weeks of sch, 1 week of study week and 2 weeks of exams more.. and then home!.. And it may just be my last holidays.. hahaha!

Yesh i am coming home in july! cos i am unsure if i can do my summer placements in singapore so i have to go home first to use my return ticket before it expires.. Well at the same time i can settle my honours stuff back home.. and be home for mei n heng’s graduation!

i cant wait to eat all the good food back home!! AHH.. i been dreaming of it! yesh can you imagine dreaming of food!!? but till then, i have another mountain load of work to clear.. rah..

ok pics time…lazy to type.. hehe..or lets say nothing interesting here la!

the green tea cake i bake so i can freeze slices of them and take them out whenever i am craving cakes!

Rachel and me with yummy cakes..

Hhaha i am suppose to indulge myself with more gd food this weekend.. haha so i shall update with more pics nxt week!

its winter suddenly

April 26, 2008

its almost the end of the holidays. And on monday school starts for me again and i will have to power it through till exams.  And the holidays had perfect weather, 22 -27 degrees.. and now just like holidays are ending, the perfect weather has turned around and left. Its a freaking 12 degrees now.. tomorrow’s max will only be 14 means it will single digit coldness for most of the day…

havent been doing much just analysisng old people’s and aphasic language and getting a very big headache from counting the lexical measurements.. Its worse when they are unintelligible.. -x

have been into a baking frenzy on this second week. baked bacon,corn and cheese muffins. baked butter cake as i missed it. baked egg tarts as i missed it too. i miss too much food back home.. i think i am overloading myself with sugar.. ha! And i will have 6 original krispy kremes airflown to me later..so..more overload! its ok to indulge in these stuff when you are away from home! -x

gaaa i really miss my frens back home.. yesh all of u..

read this

April 22, 2008

yes its so unlike me to post a day a way but i thought i would share this with everyone. I have been reading Shin’s blog for some time. She is a mother of 2, diagnosed with terminal cancer. She is a very reflective person, she makes you realise the little things we do not realise or we take granted for. To me, she is inspiring she is a fighter. She doesnt whines about why cancer chose her she talks about living with it. She makes the best of the situation. Her cancer cant be cured unless a miracle comes by. But i think she is already a miracle..

read it.


April 21, 2008

its the holidays! and yesh i think i have been having too much fun. i have been telling myself that its ok as i will work my butt off once holidays are over.. EeeKs.. So let the pictures do the summary of my fun!

eating at my fav beach cafe and doing crazy stuff

Handorf (german town)

k boxing in adelaide!! (korean style!) yesh the disco ball was in the room! it was filled with roses and cushions!! see even the mikes are strawberries! And its cheap!! i only paid 10.50 for 3 hours of singing..although the songs are not v new.. but.. haha it was a good try

Chin ting’s bon voyage surprise party at my house! and yesh if u can see the bon voyage words at the background. they are my master pieces.. ha!

that sums up my first week of holidays. nothing much plan up for second week but haa we shall see -p

i miss home now after posting the fun pics..cos i miss having fun with my frens back home too.. haiz.. i think its time to sleep if not i will get emo again.. haa..

6th week

April 7, 2008

its the 6th week of school here! And next week i will have 2 weeks of holidays. Unfortunately i don’t call them holidays cos i have a pile! YESH a pile of assignments and work to go through. I have to transcribed aphasic speech and i just listened to it just know, its barely intelligible.. ARGH.. now i know i should not do adults. Imagine in spore, a mix of dialects and singlish, haa how am i suppose to analyse into just the basic mean length of utterances. No wonder, no1 cares about speech and language therapy in adults in spore!

haiz there goes my hols. Been trying to organise my timeline for next 2 years as i ,unfortunately, is overloading my degree with my honours. I have no more summer holidays cos they are now reserved for my placements. I have been trying to organise and get the ball rolling, but it gets so annoying when the formal details are not formalised by the institution. So now i am stuck at my timeline.. argh its so frustrating that i spend 2/3 of my time settling admin stuff. i am suppose to study!!!! sorry i am just whining.. i get annoyed when things get stuck.

dunno dunno dunno whether shld i go back in july cos i definately have to do placements in nov08 to feb09. but if i can do in spore den i no need go back in july. but given the rate things are getting settled, it seems like i should jus go back home first. argh… n this is the only tiny part of my delimma! i have many other factors and issues.

kinda of hope sometimes i am not alone here. its so hard to settle everything yourself.

And it doesnt help that my frens are 1 by 1 going back to singapore or their home for good! rahh… soon i will be left with frens that i can count with my fingers! RAH..

Bye cassie, teresa, xiuli, junhui, charlotte.. haik

Easter break!

March 25, 2008

Yesh its the long weekends! Well not that long, tasmania has easter tuesday still! we only have till easter monday. HA!.. The weather turn very cool! low twenties and high 10s..perfect weathter..although for this week it will be raining. We just get extremes.. but i prefer this than hot!

And yesh over the break, i was having fun! Had a great time catching up my frens and of cos visiting my favourite winneries in the barossa! I just love the company of fun-loving and happy friends!

Over the weekend i had a couple of issues to faced too. I was very annoyed. Annoyed that my friends are hurt and offended by some1’s ignorance and insensitiveness. I am too tired of it! But fortuantetly my friends have been helping me and offering me advise. I think i was quite blown off by the matter cos i have been trying to help that person. But it seems my help all came down to nothing, if not things would be better right? But i am feeling better! Cos i know i cannot be responsible for the person’s action or carry the person’s burden. I just need to let go and not care so much.

Ahh pictures! and i hope they work this time!

12.jpg 22.jpg